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Oct. 09, 2017

Finally – a .NET CMS That's Easy and Fast

Site Press® – Easy for Users, Easy for Developers


The world of content management systems (CMS) is currently dominated by LAMP applications written in PHP – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. Which is great for LAMP stack developers, but with over 10 million ASP.NET developers worldwide and arguably the best IDE in existence, Visual Studio, it would be great if there was a fast, powerful CMS available for .NET developers. Fortunately, there is – Vertex Site Press.

Site Press was built by Web developers for Web developers – after surveying the ASP.NET CMS scene, Vertex developers found that CMS'es for the platform were either too expensive for many customers, too complex for most end users, too slow, too convoluted for developers to make sense or and quickly develop for – or all of the above. So we wrote our own CMS, with a common sense end user interface, an easy means of creating templates and themes, and the ability for ASP.NET developers to extend its functionality with plugins.

Like WordPress, Site Press lets front-end developers create templates and themes that make page creation a snap. Unlike WordPress, which started out as a blogging engine and has to be tweaked to operate as a user-friendly CMS, Site Press is easy for end users to grasp and edit pages with. Its template and theme creation is more straightforward, as well, because it more cleanly separates display (templates) and business logic code. It's especially easy to create responsive sites with Site Press, owing to its more recent design – one reason we call it "the responsive CMS" (the other reason is its performance).

Plugins are easy to create for Site Press, as well, due in large part to the sophistication and robustness of the Visual Studio environment, the C# language, and the overall power of the ASP.NET platform. And because it's built on compiled C# code, Site Press is inherently fast. You don’t have to install brittle plugins, caching mechanisms, and server tweaks to get it to run quickly and scale for larger sites, as you do with PHP-based CMS'es.

If you're an ASP.NET developer, contact us and we’ll help you get started using Site Press. If you're a CMS customer, especially if you run a .NET shop in-house, give Site Press a try. It's fast, easy, intuitive, and free!

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