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Sep. 13, 2017

Take WordPress to the Next Level

Crank up your site with advanced WordPress development from Vertex

At Vertex, our development team can dial it to 11

WordPress has grown from a simple blogging engine to the most popular content management system in use today – and now it’s evolving into an application development framework as well. With the addition of its REST API and support for JSON as part of its core product, WordPress can be extended by development languages other than PHP, opening it up to development using powerful front-end development tools and frameworks, and allowing developers to programmatically access the SQL databases that power WordPress itself.

Vertex developers have been extending the capabilities of WordPress for years, building complex multisite installations, and integrating WordPress sites and portals with applications built with JavaScript, PHP, and C#/ASP.NET years before the latest improvements to WordPress made it accessible to this kind of development. We’ve created WordPress plugins for customers in need of functionality not provided by available plugins. We’ve integrated legacy databases and third party applications into customer Web sites, we’ve created interactive portals that allow businesses to communicate with their own customers, and we’ve integrated third party applications with business sites using API’s – both those provided by the third party applications as well as API’s we’ve created for customers to access their in-house data or third party applications.

We also have years of experience with site setup and administration, site optimization for search engines (SEO) and digital marketing, and A/B and green/blue usability testing. The latest improvements to the WordPress development environment only make it even easier – and less expensive – for us to convert your online presence from a simple website to a powerhouse portal.

If your project involves using WordPress to do more than you thought it could do, contact Vertex for a free consultation and needs analysis. We make the Web Work. And we make WordPress work with it, as well.

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