Case Studies

Google, IBM, AT&T, HP, Cisco, Lenovo

Selling Top Brands by Visualizing ROI

Working with ESG Global, Vertex has created dozens of ROI Calculator applications for the world’s biggest tech companies – Google, IBM, AT&T, HP, Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, Riverbed, and others. The Calculator applications allow these tech giants to acquire new customers, as well as new business from old customers. by showing significant ROI gains from the use of their products and services.

The Problem

Technology spending among enterprise and midsize companies often fails to keep pace with business needs, in no small part because budgets for new equipment and services are rarely informed by considerations of new efficiencies and lost opportunity costs. A means to show potential customers realizable benefits and possible missed opportunities is the best tool a tech company can deploy to persuade hesitant or skeptical potential buyers.

Our Solution

Recognizing this potential for lost sales opportunities, ESG Global, an international IT research and advisory firm, has worked with Vertex to product ROI Calculator applications for most of the world’s largest tech companies.

These online instruments address a single industry need relevant to the high tech client. For example, a company that produces server and storage equipment might find itself somewhat victimized by its own success: its equipment continues to work without issues, leading the customer or the older equipment complacent. But an ROI calculator can show such customers the benefits of upgrading equipment in stark monetary terms derived from factors ranging from improved productivity to software compatibility to ease of maintenance to reduced power consumption. The savings can be in the millions and even tens of millions of dollars.

Ease of Use, Portability, Rapid Development

Each ROI Calculator application is designed by ESG industry segment specialists and UI/UX designers with specialized knowledge of the needs of the tech client for whom the Calculator is developed. Working from these designs, Vertex developers create complete interactive instruments that allow a potential customer to quickly provide the information needed to make the assessment. The front end is built in a responsive/fluid manner, to ensure it performs well on any device, from mobile phone to widescreen monitor. We’ve also created APIs for some customers to allow them to access the calculation code programmatically and create their own front ends. When complete, the user sees the ROI results and is given the opportunity to receive a PDF version of this report.

Immediate Feedback and Qualified Leads

The prospective customer provides email information in order to receive the PDF version of the report. This allows the ROI Calculator’s owner to capture sales leads in a local database; these leads are then automatically conveyed by code to the company’s CRM system. Vertex developers have worked with the APIs of every major CRM to provide this lead-gen integration. For those clients who prefer to manage the lead integration on their own, Vertex provides an administrative application that lets them filter and search for leads, then export the result set to an Excel file for manipulation before integration.

Integrated, Hosted, Managed Solution

Each ROI Calculator client has different needs and requirements for integrating the application into their existing site(s). Whether the solution is a custom-hosted subdomain, i-framed, or provided as an embeddable package to the client’s developers and IT staff, Vertex developers provide the application in whatever manner works for the client. For those customers who ask us to host the application, we offer a choice of co-lo data center or cloud.

What We Did
  • Application Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Database Administration
  • Testing and QA
  • DevOps and Managed Hosting
What We Delivered
  • Interactive Assessment Application
  • Automatically Generated PDF Report for Download
  • CRM Integration for Sales Leads
  • Notifications of Incoming Sales Leads

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