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Managing the Migrant Worker Visa Application Process with Software

Vertex simplified the migrant visa filing process by creating a system that automates the complex process of collecting information on clients and workers – providing a step-by-step tracking system that, when completed, allows users to automatically create and file government forms for managing migrant workers.

The Problem

Managing and filing farm worker migrant visas is enormously complex, and traditionally has relied on expensive skilled attorneys and trained legal assistants to track and report on migrant workers in order to remain legally compliant. This process is too complex for farmers to manage without skilled and expensive legal help.

Our Solution

Vertex designed and delivered a Web-based software application for automating this immigration visa application process for farm workers, allowing U.S. companies to more quickly and efficiently hire immigrant workers for farm, construction, and other forms of manual labor.

The visa tracking application simplifies the U.S. government’s H-2A filing process by collecting information on clients and workers in one place, and using that information to automate filings. Using role-based logic to direct users to the correct forms, the system lets attorneys as well as their clients use the portal to easily enter data, generate forms, and electronically sign documents. The editing and management of 790, I-129, 9142A and other forms is made easy and efficient by the Hirelaw application.

The client account creation process collects information that can be used for multiple filings, centralizing data entry for workers, vehicles, housing, jobsites, and contractors. Information only has to be entered once to be used across multiple forms and for future filings. Each petition also has an “audit” section where scanned copies of the returned filings can be uploaded for easy access in the future.

Further, the software application automates filling PDF forms from state and federal agencies with the information entered by clients and attorneys, and allows electronic form signing. The software then generates download packages with all required forms and documents for each individual filing.

The system tracks deadlines and progress with each individual filing. Each H-2A petition section functions as a checklist for which forms are completed. The application also sends automated email reminders about expiration dates and deadlines, helping attorneys keep track of their many deadlines and ensure filings are sent on time.

Some of the stand-out features of the system include:

  • Centralized data entry and document upload collects all information needed to fill forms within the application
  • Clients are able to electronically sign documents
  • Application’s logic ensures all checklist requirements are met before allowing downloads in each section, so filing packages are always complete
  • Customized error messages explain which requirements are missing from an incomplete I-129
  • Tailored questionnaire designed to capture all information needed from the client for filing
  • Web-based interface allows users to access the application without downloading or installing software

If you have a legal or regulatory process that you’d like to automate, contact Vertex for a free estimate. We’ll be happy to show you how you can simplify and streamline your application workflow.

What We Did
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Functional Requirements Specifications
  • Business Process Workflow Design
  • Application Architecture and Design Documents
  • Customer Experience Strategy and Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Branding
  • Application Development
  • Database Administration
  • Testing and QA
  • Deployment
What We Delivered
  • Migrant Visa Law Process Automation Application
  • Administrative Tool Application for Managing Customers, Managers, and Employees

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