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Making Complex Nutrition Management Easy

Wellnicity, a healthy lifestyle startup, needed a way to automate dosing recommendations for its supplements, and to provide its customers with a way to track their supplement intake as well as their personal wellness progress.

The Problem

Lifestyle startup Wellnicity knew that their industry, nutritional supplements, has a problem: customers aren’t certain of the best supplements to take for their conditions, how much to take, how often to take them.

Wellnicity knew they had the highest quality supplements available, but they also knew they had to have a way to overcome this industry-wide problem, which can lead to the perception – and the reality – of the ineffectiveness of supplements.

Traditionally, nutritionists have overcome this problem with a series of lab tests and personalized consultations. But the typical course of action – initial consultations, patient samples, testing, analysis, reporting of results, review with clients, and subsequent consultations – is time-consuming and very expensive. Wellnicity wanted to create an automated system for evaluating and creating a nutritional program for patients, using machine intelligence and rules-based recommendations to streamline the process, making it quick, affordable, and available to all.

Our Solution

Vertex solved this problem for Wellnicity’s clients by creating a system that automatically combines lab test results with answers from a patient’s online consultation to programmatically create a regimen, or schedule, for taking supplements. The Wellnicity regimen makes it easy for a patient to take her or his daily vitamins – especially since Wellnicity provides those supplements in 4-week supplies of easy-to-use packets called Wellness Packs, clearly marked by date and time of day. No messing with bottles, powders, liquids, spoons, or measuring cups – you just tear off your daily packets from a 28-day dispenser box and take them, or take them with you for later.

The Rules Engine

But to build a system that makes complicated things easy takes a lot of planning and careful execution. First, Wellnicity needed a system that allowed their clinical staff to create the rules, lab parameters, and questionnaires that could be used to accurately generate protocols, or dosing recommendations, for their patients. And these recommendations had to be reviewable and editable by clinical nutritionists, in case the clinicians wanted to make personalized adjustments to a patient’s regimen. In addition, the system had to automatically provide incremental dosing – gradually and gently increasing the amount of a supplement a patient takes in order to ease them into a new regimen. Working closely with Wellnicity’s clinical experts, Vertex created this system, called WARE (Wellnicity Assessment Recommendation Engine) and built the APIs that allow it to be used not only by Wellnicity but also by licensee partners who wish to make use of the proprietary WARE system.

The Dashboard

But that was only the beginning. To make use of this unique dosing software, Wellnicity needed a patient portal to help their customers navigate this complicated wellness journey – and make it quick, simple, and fun. Working again with Wellnicity clinical staff this time, as well as with the company’s operations, logistics, and finance departments, Vertex built a portal that lets patients create accounts, add profiles for family members on their accounts (in order to manage the regimens of entire groups easily), purchase test kits, order their supplements in 28-day supplies of handy Wellness Packs, and re-test when necessary. Everything is tracked and managed from a patient’s dashboard – supplemented by automated notifications and reminders and integration with an e-commerce system to make purchasing automatic.

What We Did
  • Systems Analysis
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Functional Requirements Specifications
  • Application Architecture and Design Documents
  • Customer Experience Strategy and Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Application Development
  • Database Administration
  • Testing and QA
  • SEO and Performance Optimization
  • DevOps and Managed Hosting
What We Delivered
  • Rules-Based Recommendation Engine (WARE System)
  • API for the WARE System
  • Patient Portal for Purchasing and Managing Test Kits and Subscriptions
  • E-Commerce Engine for Managing Subscriptions and Renewals
  • Administrative Tool Application for Managing Products, Patients, Orders, and More
  • Private Label Wellness Pack Ordering Application

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