Project Overview

Dell Datacenter Capacity Planner


Dell hired Vertex to create an easy-to-use data center configuration tool for use by business customers on The Data Center Capacity Planner is a browser-based tool that lets users build and configure their server cabinets and racks using a graphical drag-and-drop interface. This online program, created for use by data center managers and network administrators alike, automatically calculates physical size, weight, power, and battery backup requirements, as well as many other important factors for a variety of devices, including servers, routers, switches, and uninterruptible power supplies. Users can create and save configurations to their own PC’s to re-use, modify, and update network layouts at their convenience.

View the Data Center Capacity Planner Online

The most challenging aspect of the Data Center Capacity Planner development was the requirement that it be created entirely with Adobe Flash, an unusual development platform for a complex application such as this Planner tool. The development team on this project pushed Flash development to its limits, and it’s a great example of how complex problems can be solved with simple tools when the development team has the right focus and leadership.

In addition to the Web-based version of the tool, Vertex also created a downloadable version of the Data Center Capacity Planner, letting network and data center administrators work on network configurations even when offline.