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Automating the Visa Application Process with Software from Vertex

Vertex recently completed a Web-based software application for automating the immigration visa application process for farm workers, allowing U.S. companies to more quickly and efficiently hire foreign workers for farm, construction, and other forms of manual labor.

The software application simplifies the H-2A filing process by collecting information on clients and workers in one place, and using that information to automate filings. Using role-based logic to direct users to the correct forms, the system lets attorneys as well as their clients use the portal to easily enter data, generate forms, and electronically sign documents. The editing and management of 790, I-129, 9142A and other forms is made easy and efficient by this application.

Further, the software application automates filling PDF forms from state and federal agencies with the information entered by clients and attorneys, and allows electronic form signing. The software then generates download packages with all required forms and documents for each individual filing.

Vertex visa law automation

The system tracks deadlines and progress with each individual filing. Each H-2A petition section functions as a checklist for which forms are completed. The application also sends automated email reminders about expiration dates and deadlines, helping attorneys keep track of their many deadlines and ensure filings are sent on time.

To learn more about this system and its capabilities, read our case study on Managing the Migrant Worker Visa Process with Software.