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Vertex Creates New "Everlastic" Search Engine Tool Based On Elastic Search

Vertex customers needed a search solution with best-of-breed level search capabilities – but couldn’t afford Google enterprise solutions. Everlastic is the software tool created by Vertex to allow these customers to implement the leading open source search solution, Elastic Search, on their websites. Users can create spiders and manage them, specifying start URLs and XML site maps, and setting preferences for crawling pages and respecting robots.txt and nofollow/noindex rules. Administrative users can adjust the crawl rate and delay, and specify the number of threads the spider can use.

Marketing-savvy users can create keymatches to direct search engine results for high-value keywords and keyphrases, check service status, and run test crawls. An API even allows the application to be accessed programmatically by software developers.

Everlastic is available to Vertex customers using both WordPress and Site Press, and can be licensed for independent use.

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