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WARE Rules Engine Automatically Assesses Patient Conditions and Provides Recommendations

The founders of lifestyle startup Wellnicity, which makes top-quality supplements for a variety of common ailments such as sleeplessness, intestinal discomfort, and high cholesterol, found themselves facing a problem that has plagued the supplements industry for years: determining what supplements to recommend to patients, how much they should take, and when and how often they should take them. Crafting dosing recommendations requires clinical expertise in analyzing both lab test data and a patient's experiential data, and combining calculations on those data with a clinician's knowledge of the patient. This process is time-consuming and expensive to scale, a necessity for a company poised to sell to millions of customers over the Web.

So the nutritional experts at Wellnicity asked Vertex to create an expert system for supplement recommendations that would combine a patient's lab data with and health history data from an online wellness profile to provide accurate, automated dosing recommendations. Vertex agreed to develop the system as a partner in the project and the startup eventually known as Wellnicity – and its dosing recommendation engine, now known as the Wellnicity Assessment Recommendation Engine (WARE) – was born.

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The WARE system automatically integrates customer health profiles with data it receives from different labs to produce an easy to use regimen, which customers can view and manage on their dashboards in the Wellnicity portal.

To learn more about the WARE system, read our Wellnicity Assessment Recommendation Engine case study.