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Wellnicity - Taking the Guesswork out of Taking Supplements with Help from Vertex Software

The supplement industry has a problem: few people know what supplements to take to treat their conditions, let alone how much to take, when to take it, or in what dosages. So to sell their premium quality supplements, health startup Wellnicity set out to overcome the supplement industry’s "what to take/how much to take/when to take" problem. Working with Vertex, we solved this problem by creating a system that automatically combines lab test results with a patient’s interview answers to programmatically create a regimen, or schedule, for taking supplements.

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The Wellnicity regimen makes it simple for a patient to take her or his daily vitamins – especially since Wellnicity provides those supplements in 4-week supplies of easy-to-use packets called Wellness Packs, clearly marked by date and time of day. No messing with bottles, powders, liquids, spoons, or measuring cups – you just tear off your daily packets from a 28-day dispenser box and take them, or take them with you for later.

Patients can easily subscribe to the service, and friends and family can join in on a single account - so busy moms and dads can manage their kids' supplements, as well as each others' and their own.

Designed as a responsive Web application, the portal can be managed as easily by mobile phone or tablet as by desktop computer, another boon for active people and their families. 

Wellnicity mobile application    Wellnicity mobile - manage profiles

To manage the portal, Vertex also created an adminsitrative tool that lets Wellnicity staff manage patient data, orders, sales, shipping, and marketing promotions.

To read more about the Wellnicity portal, read our case study, Wellnicity - Complex Wellness Care Made Easy.