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SEO is a Social (Media) Affair

There is no simple formula to improving search engine results. Google, as well as Bing, ranks results using a variety of factors both on-site – the content and organization of your site – and off-site – factors resulting from your popularity and connections on the Web.

Vertex offers a comprehensive approach to Search Engine Optimization – SEO – that will improve your ranking and help you stay highly ranked. It’s not a quick fix solution, but a long-term, effective strategy for improving your search results.

We perform an SEO audit on your site, then address specific on-site problems using proven best practices for optimizing site content and structure for search engine friendliness.

Next, we research traffic and backlinks for your site and seek to find the best ways of producing quality backlinks and increasing Web traffic.

Finally, we recognize that SEO is a social affair. We pay special attention to an area often neglected by organizations seeking to improve their search engine results: social media. We set up and brand social media pages for your organization with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, and work with you to keep these social media channels active. We help you create videos promoting your organization and its goods and services, and set up a channel on YouTube to host and market them. We write blog posts that feature your videos, then follow up with tweets and posts about your blog and videos. And all of these social efforts constantly reference your site, driving traffic to it and improving your search results.

Other social media efforts can help with your SEO, including paid strategies such as AdWords and AdSense and Facebook ads.

But the most important factor is a strategy of comprehensiveness and consistency, and Vertex can help you develop, consistently maintain, and update this strategy. Contact us for more information on how we can help you rank higher and improve your bottom line.