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In a world where technology only thrives when there is low latency, high availability and speedy scalability, traditional infrastructure just won’t cut it anymore. Google Cloud Platform helps businesses thrive with the right tools for agility and global scale.

Cloud Services


Managed Infrastructure,
Zero Ops

Focus on building the perfect product for users, without having to worry about maintaining  the infrastructure behind it. Take advantage of Google Cloud’s solutions, such as Compute Engine, which lets you manage your Virtual Machines entirely on the cloud, and remove the need for mundane operations and costly on-premises server and data storage solutions.

Zero-Latency Scalability

Expand your cloud infrastructural needs exactly when you need to. GCP’s Autoscaling deploys more cloud solutions when you need it, such as a surge in traffic, or massive demand for some data. With tools like Load Balancer, Google Cloud also automatically distributes traffic to other servers when your regional one gets overwhelmed, making downtime or lagging absolutely impossible.

Developer Productivity

Cloud’s agile and collaborative environment significantly reduces development cycle times, enabling your engineers to focus more on driving value, and doing this at scale. GCP’s App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, and an almost infinite library of tools provide developers with everything they need to develop, test, and deploy applications much faster.

Application Modernization

For the past 15 years, Google has positioned itself at the leading edge of software engineering innovation. Through GCP, Google is offering its internal technologies to the public, opening up fully managed environments like Kubernetes Engine (with containers), where engineers can create applications or modernize legacy ones using modern, battle-tested, and future-proof technologies.

Data Management

Store, process, and serve petabytes of data globally with Google Cloud’s Storage, Database, and Analytics solutions.. Manage data streams from transactions and multiple data sources, using need-specific tools like Cloud Spanner, eliminating a huge operational and accuracy burden. Developers and data scientists also rely on BigQuery to extract, transform and load data from streams in real time, both for use in machine learning, and for business-level data analysis.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Set up intelligent automations with Google’s powerful ML/AI infrastructure. Google Cloud provides developers with the tools they need to build efficient AI models, such as AutoML, Vision API, Speech API,  Dialogflow CX, and a lot more. Here’s everything you require to make automated smarter decisions, and improve customer experiences.

Dell Planning Applications for Infrastructure Management

GCP Stands Out

Industry-Leading Pricing Model

Google Cloud Platform has a competitive pricing model that lets you make significant savings, not only by merging operational and capital costs, but also by billing you only for what you use. Unlike competitors, Google Cloud bills by the minute, and provides cost management  systems, such as Autoscaling, that increase or decrease your resource allocation based on demand.

Enterprise-Grade Security

GCP is backed by Google-grade security - the same security level Google uses for its products. Cloud Storage automatically encrypts data while being moved or at rest, so you can worry less about data exposure when not actively in use.  Your GCP account also comes with Admin setups to manage access to resources, and allocation capabilities within your organization, ensuring only the right people have access to sensitive data.

Google Cloud Deployment

Migrate from On-Premises to Cloud

Save significantly on capital and operational expenses by moving your engineering infrastructure to Google Cloud. Get access to fully managed development environments,  Virtual Machines, Kubernetes, containers, and everything else you need to scale faster.  With Google’s Data Transfer solutions, you can upload your data online to Cloud Storage, or choose to ship it to one of Google’s data centers.

Migrate from AWS or Azure, or prefer the Hybrid Option?

Using Amazon Web Services or Azure, but wants to enjoy more speed, lower costs, higher scalability, and more with Google Cloud? Let’s help you make the move.

GCP also provides hybrid solutions that lets you use another public cloud with Google Cloud, or retain a section of your engineering functions and data to on-premises infrastructure.

Having challenges with poor time-to-market, product development, availability, rising overhead costs, and scaling? Let’s discuss how Google Cloud Platform might help.

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