Project Overview

In Spring of 2005, the Seton Healthcare Family Human Resources department (long-time Vertex client) faced a dilemma: their manual paper-based employee appraisal system was proving impossible for busy managers to handle. Some managers, responsible for many direct reports, were particularly hard hit by appraisal demands.

Seton HR developed a list of requirements for an online system and interviewed several vendors but found the “off the shelf” systems expensive and that they did not meet all their needs. After reviewing requirements and with less than two months until appraisals were to start, Vertex built and delivered the appraisal system using ASP.NET/C# and SQL Server 2000.

This new system, tailored to Seton’s exact specifications, included “inheritance” of manager access rights to employees within their chain of command; the automatic population of appraisal forms with essential job functions and previously established appraisal goals; tracking employees from manager to manager, across years, and across jobs; accurately tracking appraisals for employees with multiple jobs; integration with the Peoplesoft employee management system; and creating management reports.